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How to Prevent Your Website(WordPress & others) From Being Hacked

We all are concerned about our Online Business, whether it’s an online shopping, travel, news or your personal website. There’s always a risk of your website being hacked or infected with a malware. How are you going to deal with it ? Are you prepared for it ? Our staffs has collected their personal and experienced point of view details which will help you in the coming days, or even if your site is hacked or infected.

Most of the websites become vulnerable due to poor hosting service. Shared hosting has a higher change of getting attacked time to time which will affect your site’s overall up time. If you want affordable hosting for your business, you can contact us for more details.

Secure each computer that has admin access to your website – anti-virus, anti-malware, etc.
Install the free Bulletproof Security plugin. Your main defense is your .htaccess file and many of the other “security” plugins do NOT adjust this file accordingly.
Use SFTP never FTP
Use LastPass or a similar utility to generate and save a unique complex password for EACH website you access with a username and password. Then run the LastPass Security Check to identify which sites are using the same password and then CHANGE them.
If you have multiple domains make sure EACH DOMAIN is installed in its own cPanel (you can do this with subdomains too). Then make sure the cPanel password is unique for EACH DOMAIN. Otherwise, if your cPanel password is hacked, the hacker will have access to ALL your domains (especially if you have used free Addon domains).
Make sure you always have a recent full backup, know where it is and how to do a restore BEFORE you need to.
Take advantage of all security features offered by your DNS registrar to SECURE YOUR DOMAIN NAME.
Use two factor authentication whenever possible.

What if your website is powered by WordPress ??
The best strategy for securing your WordPress website is to implement a layered security approach.

Protect your domain name :
Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)
Protect server communications :
Domain Security (TLS/SSL)
HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
Protect your website :
Use a reverse proxy to filter all traffic to your server
Use a Web application firewall (WAF)
Implement secure access to lockdown login
Protect your server :
ModSecurity web application firewall (WAF) for Apache web server
Secure hosting – avoid shared hosting if possible
Avoid hosting your email and web on the same server
Use SSL/TLS for email and unique passwords for each account
Protect WHM/cPanel :
Limit access and permissions
Install each domain AND sub-domain in it’s own cPanel (so if one is compromised, others aren’t affected)
Keep WHM/cPanel updated to latest stable release
Protect remote file access and email :
Avoid ftp and use either cPanel File Manager or Secure FTP (SFTP) plus secure your email
Protect WordPress :
Keep WordPress updated to the latest release version
Limit plugins and themes, less is more in terms of security
Keep all plugins and themes updated to the latest release version
Whenever possible, opt for premium plugins and themes that are regularly updated and supported
If a plugin is no longer used, don’t just deactivate, delete it
Install a reputable WordPress security plugin
BACKUP – schedule regular automated backups. Keep at least one copy on server and one copy off server

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Unique E-commerce Trends to Watch Out for in Nepal at 2020

Nepalis are embracing Internet uses. As internet is providing us new opportunities, it has transformed our economic and societies in many ways. Many businesses are are entirely built online. These business are providing services to their consumers for a long time and want to grow their presence over the Internet. Online Shopping (e-Commerce) is the new trend, Michael Aldrich, an English innovator, inventor and entrepreneur, was the first to invent online shopping in 1979. Amazon was one of the first company to register itself into the e-commerce business back at 90s. Back here at Nepal, was the first Nepali e-Commerce website to ever register in the market. Since then, numerous amount of online store (web & social media based) are on the race on what could be a revolution to the Nepal’s economy.

As we expect a lot of new and unique e-commerce in the year 2020, we’ve shortlisted some of the few promising and unique niche e-commerce businesses, which you might have or not heard about. We are going to talk about few right here.

1. Sasto Print

Sasto Print, Probably Nepal’s first online print marketplace (which they claim it to be), offers an excellent choice to brand and business who are looking towards promoting brand through contemporary marketing strategies.

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They offer promotional products that cover a diverse range of items predominantly categorized into apparels and gifts. The offer creates a memorable customer experience, and acts as a powerful marketing tool for the consumer and business. They provide a service for you and your brand. From design review to the delivery, they will take care of all of it. And in addition to the services that they provide, they seem to be more affordable, high in quality and promise the fastest delivery available in the market. Overall, they do customized printing for your Brand as you wished for your people.

2. Mero Kirana

We all do groceries once in a day or two. You know the basics of it, You want bulk products, you do groceries, you want small product(say a packet salt), you do groceries. This unique e-commerce provides you the same service but all online.

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They believe they are first of its kind: online and on-call grocery service in Nepal. Their aim is to create a hassle free retail shopping ecosystem where customers can order their grocery items from home/office and get them delivered. Consumers can shop shampoo to rice to diapers to pasta all in one place get it delivered for free.

3. Foodmandu

Foodmandu is also e-commerce(food) site that provides delivery services in fastest, effortless and most convenient way so that customers can enjoy delicious foods of their favorite restaurant. They have introduced easiest method where people have to think the food they want to eat, tap some buttons for selection of a restaurant and items and then they can receive their delivery at their doorstep.

Image result for foodmandu

Foodmandu is pioneer online food delivering company in Nepal(claims to be) that aims to make the life of people easier through online ordering. The company delivers foods in 100 different areas of Kathmandu and Lalitpur and are in process to expand their areas of service continuously. They have 3 different platforms: website, mobile app or over the phone through which people can place an order. They have categorized delivery charges according to distance. People have the choice to select their favorite restaurant among the list and make an order.

4. Hamrobazar

Hamro bazaar stands as the Best and Most popular shopping website for B2C, B2B, C2C services. They connect buyers and sellers by listing products for free. The signature step of this online center is the fast delivery of the desired products, promotion of products through the internet and maintaining communication channel by connecting buyers and sellers.

Image result for hamrobazarHamrobazar have made categories of products as Apparels and Accessories, Automobiles, Beauty and Health, Books and Learning, Business and Industrial, Computer and Peripherals, Electronics, Events and Happenings, Home, Furnishing and Appliances, Mobile and Accessories, Music Instrument, Pets and Pet Care, Real Estate, Services, Sports and Fitness, Toys and Video Games, Travel, Tour and Packages etc. In this website, sellers can not only post data about new products but also sell old products that are usable.

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Color printing!

Color printing or colour printing is the reproduction of an image or text in color (as opposed to simpler black and white or monochrome printing). Any natural scene or color photograph can be optically and physiologically dissected into three primary colors, red, green and blue, roughly equal amounts of which give rise to the perception of white, and different proportions of which give rise to the visual sensations of all other colors. The additive combination of any two primary colors in roughly equal proportion gives rise to the perception of a secondary color. For example, red and green yields yellow, red and blue yields magenta (a purple hue), and green and blue yield cyan (a turquoise hue). Only yellow is counter-intuitive. Yellow, cyan and magenta are merely the “basic” secondary colors: unequal mixtures of the primaries give rise to perception of many other colors all of which may be considered “tertiary.”

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